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Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers


  • Water is placed under pressure against a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows the passage of molecule sized particles to pass through including hydrogen and oxygen.(H2O) Larger particles such as totally dissolved solids and bacteria are unable to pass through the membrane and are flushed away to waste as discarded water. The purified product is then passed through an activated carbon filter which absorbs chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia which are present in reticulated water supplies as a dissolved gas. The carbon also absorbs bad tastes and odours often present.

  • The constant flushing action of the discarded waste water has an automatic cleaning action on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane which would otherwise be very quickly clogged with contaminants. The amount of water " wasted" by this technology may be equated with perhaps two extra flushes of the toilet per day. Not a high price to pay for purified drinking water for the whole family. Filters should be changed regularly. Approx every six months. The average life of the reverse osmosis membrane is between 2-4 years

  • Many people are not satisfied with the quality of the water coming in to their home to be used for drinking and cooking.. Bottled water companies know this and they sell you their water for more than $1.00 a litre. Recent studies have found that many cities have high dissolved metal contaminant  levels in their water, along with other contaminants. There have also been many cases in the news of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other biological contamination of public drinking water supplies. For removal of totally dissolved heavy metals and other contaminants dissolved into water, the technology we   recommend is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can provide you with water that is at least as good as bottled water, in many cases far better than, for a fraction of the cost. Many bottled water companies use reverse osmosis to purify tap water and then they sell you this water. RO purified water is also suitable for use in vehicle batteries. Many medical institutions recommend large ingestion of purified water as a post treatment for chemotherapy. Many users also claim relief from the symptoms of arthritis after drinking purified water for an extended period of time.

    The R/O units that Metron sell are top of the line residential models. There are several designs to choose from. All designs begin with a one micron sediment filter to remove dirt, rust and particulate matter. This filter helps protect the reverse osmosis membrane, which is what removes the dissolved solids such as lead, sodium, arsenic and many others. The second stage is a carbon block filter, The storage tank is small enough to be installed along with the reverse osmosis unit under your kitchen sink. The final component is a Granular Activated Carbon filter. This filter removes the tastes and odours that may be left behind in your water and acts as a final polishing filter. We recommend that installation is carried out by a plumber. Alternately you may choose to install your reverse osmosis purifier on the wall in the laundry or elsewhere, collecting the purified water in bottles for later use. These systems are much cheaper to purchase than the undersink models, consist of three stages,  and come complete with an adaptor that fits onto the cold water washing machine inlet tap with no further plumbing required

    Key Benefits

    • Almost total removal of all minerals, metals and contaminants from your drinking water.
    • Removal of all calcium products assists in prevention of arthritis and related health problems.
    • Drinking purified water will help your body deal with the many other contaminated products ingested from other sources. Patients receiving chemotherapy often have purified water prescribed as part of their post treatment therapy by their medical advisers.

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Undersink 4 stage models include all plumbing fittings and a pressurised storage tank. May be installed by a handy person or as recommended by a plumber. Angled sink top water faucet may be moved out of the way when not being used  Pressure Pump model available for low water pressure use

Wall mounted models complete with laundry tap adaptor. These units are usually installed above the tub in the laundry where purified water is collected in  sterile containers and stored in the refrigerator

All system prices quoted include delivery to your door 
within Australia only.


Model: & description Price Purchase
POPAUS50 4 Stage Deluxe model : Undersink reverse osmosis high flow model up to 250 litres per day. Works well on lower water pressure areas 
 (as illustrated above left) Includes all plumbing connections kit.

POPAUS70 Deluxe model : Undersink reverse osmosis high flow model Low Pressure model complete with pressure pump unit ( requires electrical connection ) . Works well on lower water pressure areas (similar design as illustrated above left) . Includes all plumbing connections kit. $700.00

ROPA Wall mounted laundry model will supply approx 250 litres of purified water per day (see illustration above right) Includes Laundry Tap Adapter kit. Amount of purified water produced depends on the mains pressure of the inlet water. Quoted figures based on 120 PSI. Lesser pressure will produce lesser volume. Membrane will work effectively down as low as 55 PSI. $300.00

ROPA-COMM  As above but produces up to  600 litres per day at 120 PSI
Suitable for commercial operations for bottled water resale.
This model made to order only. Allow 14 days delivery.



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